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Madrona’s vacation rentals include one or two bedroom self contained rustic cabins under the forest canopy of Bodega Ridge, a protected nature area. See this also

The beautiful grounds at Madrona include a children’s play area, a badminton court and picnic tables. Launch your kayaks, canoes, or beach comb down on the ocean front. We do not have BBQ on site, so you will need to bring your own.

Main office hour is 10AM – 6PM with some variations around ferry schedules.


The cabins are on the land side of Porlier Pass Rd. with a water front view. The view from our beach looks across Tincomali Channel toward Salt Spring and Vancouver Islands. The cabins are surrounded by large trees and therefore provide habitat for viewing eagles. Other common animals include humming birds, raccoon, weasels, mink and deer. From the Ocean Loft Deck sea lions and orcas are often seen.

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